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Number 50: Sea Urchin

30 Jun

Now, you’re probably saying to yourself, “I thought sea urchins were tiny spiky balls- what is that orange goo?”  That orange goo, my lovely reader, is what many people refer to as sea urchin roe (eggs).  However, what you’re ACTUALLY eating is sea urchin gonads.  Yes, gonads. Continue reading


Number 28: Oysters

28 Jun

Kathryn’s Seafood Mania continues with- you guessed it- oysters!  I got these from the same place I got the soft shell crab and, similarly to when I bought the crab, I asked the fish market guys approximately 1,000 questions before I left.  I first asked if the oysters were “good to go,” as I was planning on eating them raw.  The guy responded that they were, but I’d have to shuck them first.  Oh dear.  I hadn’t thought of that… Continue reading

Number 92: Soft Shell Crab

26 Jun

This post begins what I’m calling “Kathryn’s Seafood Mania,” a week of creatures of the deep!  What spurred this seafood feast?  A $10 for $20 LivingSocial deal to Burhop’s Seafood Market was the culprit.  I walked into that place not knowing a damn thing.  I knew I had to get soft shell crab, but what to do with it or how to eat it…that was a different story. Continue reading

Number 21: Heirloom Tomatoes

20 Jun

This weekend, Dan and I were invited to a little kid birthday party.  The couple who lived beneath me at my old apartment have three little kids, one boy (5 yrs old) and two twin girls (3 yrs old), and they were all having a birthday party together.  When we showed up to the party, we found ourselves face-to-face with a bouncy house, a cotton candy machine, a clown, face painting, and herds- yes, herds- of children.  I immediately thought, “dear God, what have we gotten ourselves into?” Continue reading

Number 20: Pistachio Ice Cream and Number 51: Prickly Pear

16 Jun

Yeah, I kinda cheated and did a two-for-one post today!  I mean, after baking some warm prickly pears, I couldn’t resist throwing a scoop of pistachio ice cream on top!  Anyways, let’s get back to how I found these prickly pears in the first place.  There’s a local grocery store about 10 minutes away from my place called Mariano’s Fresh Market and it is the greatest place ever.  It has a sushi chef, a wood-fired pizza oven, all sorts of imported foods, and a pianist.  Yes, you can listen to ragtime music while you shop.
Continue reading

Number 48: Eel

8 Jun

Yes, my friends, it’s time for the slimiest, grimiest creature of the deep: the eel.  The eel is known as the most dangerous undersea animal, killing up to 2,500 people around the globe each year.  These little bastards will electrocute you faster than you can say “water snake,” shooting you full of 100,000 volts of power.   Ok, I just made all of that up.   Literally all of it.  I don’t really know anything about eels…except you can eat them! Continue reading

Number 85: Kobe Beef

5 Jun

Today, I was a man.  I started my day by rolling out of bed at 10:30am, throwing on some sweats, and stumbling my way into the kitchen to fix some breakfast.  What was on the breakfast menu this morning?  A half pound of seared Kobe beef.

Yes, I made another trip to Mitsuwa lately (a crazy awesome Japanese market near my house).  I started my trip by standing in the candy aisle and ogling the strangely named sweets, the most notable being Look a la Mode (which I can only imagine is eyeballs with ice cream on top), Chelsea Butterscotch (which will be my future stripper name if I ever have to go down that route), Black Black gum (what flavor is “black?”), and Crunky (no explanation needed). Continue reading