Number 81: Tom Yum

19 Jul

I can’t help but feel that I’ve been gypped.  I spent all day today gazing at pictures of tom yum soup on various blogs (like this one and this one) and looking forward to eating it tonight.  All the pictures showed a rich broth loaded with plump shrimp and fresh, colorful vegetables…mmm… So after work, I braved the 93-degree weather, headed to my favorite Thai joint, and ordered a piping hot bowl of tom yum soup.  When I took it home, I opened the lid and THIS was what I found inside.

Chicken. Mushrooms.  Broth.  The end.  There was literally not a single other thing in this soup besides chicken, mushrooms, and broth.  Where was the fresh coriander?  The juicy shrimp?  The bok choy?  The galangal?  Okay, I have no idea what galangal is, but it’s supposed to be in tom yum soup!

Maybe this is some other type of tom yum soup…like a minimalist tom yum soup made by monks?

I’m not gonna lie- it did taste really good, though.  It was fairly sweet; you could really taste the lime juice and lemon leaves that are used to season it.  It was spicy, too, but very subtly spicy.  The kind of spicy where you suffer from what I like to call “spicy lip syndrome.”  It’s not hot enough to hurt your mouth, but it leaves your lips tingling a bit.

Although I feel like I seriously missed out on what could have been a kick-ass soup, I am happy with the overall combination of flavors.  I do think, however, that this one may need to be revisited sometime in the future.  Has anyone else tried tom yum soup before?  Did yours have more stuff in it than mine?


4 Responses to “Number 81: Tom Yum”

  1. IntenseGuy July 19, 2011 at 6:30 pm #

    Hmm… I’ve had Tom Yum Goong soup (which is the one with the coconut milk in it) and it was heaped with fresh chopped cilantro – and shrimp. I think maybe you got the wrong thing – or a cut-down version? I know someplaces make it with chicken or beef and not shrimp.

    The coconut milk version is heavily flavored with galanga (its a kind of ginger). All they kinds I ever had, had straw or oyster mushrooms. I hope you try again – I thinks you would like the “real deal”.

  2. Laura in Cancun July 20, 2011 at 11:01 am #

    Never had it, but it looks pretty good to me (even without the galangal)

  3. Dralexdc July 20, 2011 at 6:03 pm #

    Just so you know, gypped as you put it, is a racial slur. Gypped is referring to gypsies ripping people off. It’s on par with the expressions about Jews In future you might consider just expressing that you felt disappointed and leave the bigotry out

    • Dan July 20, 2011 at 6:31 pm #

      Jews In future? Just so you know, punctuation, as you seem to have forgotten, is an essential part of grammatical integrity. Honestly, if you are so easily offended by such a commonly used phrase then I’m surprised that you don’t have a reality-induced seizure when you turn on the evening news.

      The soup looks yummy, can’t wait to see what’s next 🙂

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