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Number 16: Epoisses

30 Sep

CHEEEEEESE!  There is nothing more wonderful in this world than cheese.  Anyone who doesn’t agree is either insane or lactose-intolerant.  Or insanely lactose-intolerant.  Anyways, I had a feeling that only my favorite little cheesemonger in St. Andrews, I.J. Mellis, would have this cheese, and I was right.  This place is the greatest.  I remember walking past the shop on my way to class and having my sinuses instantly cleared by the scents of stilton, muenster, and limburger wafting through the door. Continue reading


Number 68: Haggis

29 Sep

Alright, let’s get back to my European adventures, shall we?  First of all, yes, I realize that this picture looks like a tiny t-rex head vomiting up dirt.  It is not.  This actually is a chicken breast stuffed with haggis, and I only wish the picture could capture the deliciousness of this meal, because it was one of the best meals of the entire trip.  I also wish I didn’t have to ruin everything by telling you what haggis actually is… Continue reading

Number 75: Roadkill (Part 2)

28 Sep

I immediately felt comfortable at the fair.  While, initially, I had thought the trip could go all “Deliverance” on us, the small mountain town of Marlinton was both charming and welcoming.  So welcoming that Travel Channel star Andrew Zimmern was even there (although I didn’t see him).  As far as I could tell, nobody was chewing tobacco or holding shotguns.  As Dan, Rocket, and I walked up, we heard bluegrass music playing and were met with stalls and stalls of local goods.  There was everything from wood carvings and homemade jams to fudge and, well, hillbilly wind chimes! Continue reading

Number 75: Roadkill (Part 1)

26 Sep

I think it’s time to take a break from telling you about my European adventures and instead fill you in on the mysterious place I visited this weekend.  This weekend, Dan and I made a 24-hour round-trip drive to Marlinton, West Virginia, so we could attend their annual Autumn Harvest Festival and Roadkill Cookoff!  I wish I was joking. Continue reading

Women be Swappin’!

25 Sep

Hey people!  I’m back from my extra-special road trip and exhausted, but I really quickly wanted to tell you about somethin’!  I’m going to be participating in a Halloween Swap (Swapoween, to be precise) soon!  It will be my very first swap and I’m super pumped to meet new bloggers and get a package full of Halloween goodies!  It’s hosted by Beth and Miss Angie.  Sign-ups end soon, so hurry up if you want to participate! Click here to learn more and sign up.

I’ll write about more fun food adventures tomorrow!

Number 6: Black Pudding

22 Sep

Now we’re getting into the real Scottish cuisine!  Black pudding…such an unassuming name for what many would think of as a horrific dish.  The main ingredient in black pudding, you ask?  Well, blood, of course!  Yes, blood.  I think in the UK it’s usually pork blood.  The blood is cooked, then cooled, congealed, and combined with a filler of some sort- oatmeal, most of the time.  Sounds fab, no? Continue reading

Number 18: Fruit wine made from something other than grapes

21 Sep

Not only did I find some terrific venison pies at the Fife Farmers’ Market, but I also stumbled across the very cleverly named Cairn o’ Mohr (say it a few times to yourself) fruit wine stall.  Jackpot!  For a mere £6, I could choose between bramble, gooseberry, raspberry, and strawberry, amongst others.  We also got to taste any of the flavors before buying!  Double jackpot! Continue reading