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Number 77: Hostess Fruit Pie

27 Oct

I have not been to the gym in something like 2 1/2 months.  First it was the stress from leaving my job, then it was my European trip, now it’s the stress of the new dog…basically I’m an excuse-spitting couch potato.  Which is why I was positively dreading today.  What is today?  Oh, just the day that I gorge myself on not one, but five different Hostess fruit pies! Continue reading


Number 95: Mole Poblano

26 Oct

Before I even get started, I need to admit to the fact that every time I see or say the word “mole,”  it makes me want to burst out into an Austin Powers-style word explosion: “mole, mole, mole, mole, mole!!!!”  I tried mole poblano years ago and wasn’t a big fan of it, but I’m always open to giving things a second shot.  When I found a jar full of mole poblano paste at Borough Market in London, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try it without making it from scratch (we all know I enjoy taking the easy way out).
Continue reading

Swapoween Results!

19 Oct

AHH!  I finally got my Swapoween package in the mail and I’m super excited to show you guys all the fun stuff I got!  My partner, Beth, from Living a Goddess Life, picked out some awesome gifts, and I couldn’t be happier 🙂   Keep reading to check out all the goodies! Continue reading

Number 34: Sauerkraut and Number 56: Spaetzle

13 Oct

Okay, y’all, this is the very last blog post about my European adventures!  That means I can finally get back to buying things, cooking them, and taking much more palatable photographs (hopefully).  Now, I am always up for killing two birds with one stone, and when I saw “spaetzle with sauerkraut” on the menu at Deminka (the place where I got the steak tartare), I was ready to rumble! Continue reading

Number 73: Louche Absinthe

12 Oct

Absinthe is abundant in Prague.  You can pretty much find it in any bar or souvenir shop, and there are even a couple bars devoted to absinthe alone.  One of them offered absinthe ice cream and absinthe coffee- the weird part about that place was that there was a couple with their infant sitting at one of the tables there.  I guess that’s one way to get your kid to sleep… Continue reading

Number 15: Hot dog from a street cart

11 Oct

I know what you’re thinking: what the hell am I doing getting a hot dog from a street cart in Prague, of all places?  I mean, hot dogs are an American tradition- surely I should be heading to NYC to get one.  Well, here’s the thing.  We don’t have street carts in Chicago.  I know, it’s a tragedy.  We occasionally have the odd guy wheeling an ice cream cart around the beach, but I have never seen a hot dog street cart in the city.  So when I stumbled across this Eurohotdog stand in the middle of Prague, I just had to get one. Continue reading

Number 4: Steak Tartare

7 Oct

We have now arrived at the culinary pinnacle of my trip to Europe.  This was the best dish I ate over there- by far.  The thing is, I almost didn’t eat it at all.  The problem with steak tartare is that it goes against everything you’ve ever been taught.  I mean, how many times has your mother told you not to eat raw eggs?  And eating raw meat?  Well, that’s always a risk, even if it’s beef.  Steak tartare combines both of these things, and I was terrified that something would go wrong.  I certainly didn’t want to be bedridden for my last couple of days in Europe. Eventually, though, I sucked it up and just ordered it. Continue reading