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Number 46: Fugu

29 Dec

I could have died last night.  No, seriously, I could have died.  Last night I had fugu, which is highly poisonous Japanese blowfish.  If prepared incorrectly, fugu can cause paralysis and eventual death by asphyxiation in the person who eats it. So why did I decide to play seafood Russian roulette?  For you.  Yes, you.  Ok, and a little for me. Continue reading


Number 29: Baklava

28 Dec

I would love to be able to say that I made this baklava myself.  I would love to say that a strapping Greek man (preferably John Stamos) came to my house and taught me how to layer the delicate phyllo dough, grind up the nuts, and create the sticky-sweet syrup.  Then we would sensuously drizzle honey over the top and sip ouzo from tiny glasses.  But no.  There was no John Stamos in my kitchen.  This isn’t even homemade baklava.  Dan stole this store-bought baklava from his family’s Christmas party and smuggled it home for me. Continue reading

It’s the Holiday Season!

23 Dec

Hey, folks!  I just wanted to write a quick note wishing you a Merry Christmas and/or Happy Hannukkah!  I am super thankful for everyone who visits my blog and suffers through my mediocre descriptions of the things I eat 🙂  You are all wonderful and I hope you are having a fantastic holiday season full of fun, friends, family, and food!

Peace out,
(and Dan & Rocket)

Number 66: Frogs’ Legs

21 Dec

As much as I pride myself on being an adventurous eater, when you prepare a weird food yourself (instead of ordering it at a restaurant), it’s much easier to be grossed out.  That was almost the case in this situation. When I found frozen frogs’ legs at a local grocery store, I knew that cooking them myself would be much cheaper than heading to a fine French restaurant, so I took some home.  They sat in my freezer for weeks until today, when I finally mustered up the courage to make them.
Continue reading

Number 58: Beer Above Eight Percent ABV

18 Dec

I’m not going to pretend that I haven’t had super-strong beer before.  A few years ago, I went to Brussels with my friend, Dave, and we did more than our share of drinking.  You see, Brussels in November is pretty bleak and also kinda boring, so we spent most days heading to a shop that was appropriately named 250 Beers.  We would pick out about six beers apiece, mostly fruit beers and Trappist beers (brewed by monks), then go back to the hostel, where we would drink ourselves silly and eat Belgian chocolate. Continue reading

Number 64: Currywurst

13 Dec

The Chicago German Christmas Market (called the Christkindlmarket) has been up and running in Dailey Plaza for a few weeks now, and this weekend, Dan and I finally got down there for a couple of hours.  And, by the looks of it, the entire rest of the city of Chicago were there, too. Continue reading

Number 8: Carp

12 Dec

I know what you’re thinking right now.  Those hideous, brown, bumpy sticks don’t look like fish.  And you’re right.  They’re quite possibly the ugliest things I’ve ever seen in my life and they look nothing like fish.  But, my friend, I assure you that you are looking at carp.  Well, smoked carp jerky, be precise. Continue reading