About Kathryn

Hey!  I’m Kathryn.  I’m 25, I work as a writer/editor, and I live in Chi-town, USA!  I grew up in the Chicago ‘burbs, then got bored and flew off to spend my college years in St. Andrews, Scotland.  Being over there was amazing, and I definitely got to expand my palate, trying out haggis in Edinburgh, mussels in Brussels, and koshari in Cairo.

While I love eating, I do not consider myself a foodie and I am certainly not a cook. My favorite foods include giant pretzels, cheese of all kinds, astronaut ice cream, sushi, garlic bread, and all sorts of other completely un-classy fare.  I pretty much live off of pasta or any meal that I can prepare in 15 mins or less.

What else…I love 80’s hair metal, “Full House,” and Disney World.  Reality TV is my best friend and I am completely aware that it is rotting my brain.

The idea for this blog just popped into my head one day and I decided it would be a fun challenge that would push my boundaries.  I mean, when else in my life am I going to cook myself eel or scour Asian grocery stores looking for umeboshi?  I’m pumped you’re here visiting my blog and I hope you’ll come back!

If you ever want to drop me a line, feel free to email me at rockin_scotland (AT) hotmail (DOT) com. I’d love to hear what you have to say!

Now enough of this jibber-jabber!  Let’s eat!


One Response to “About Kathryn”

  1. Nicole Oskin December 29, 2011 at 4:59 pm #

    Kath are you taking these photos of the food?? For example, the baklava? I’m impressed if so and want your secrets, they are GREAT photos!

    By the way, good luck on the challenge, can’t believe the fugu post!!

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