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Number 89: Horse

5 Mar

I bet you thought I couldn’t do it.  I bet you thought I wouldn’t do it. I bet you thought I’d make it to this one and give up.  But I wasn’t gonna let this one slide, even if I had to leave the country to complete it.  And I didn’t just eat horse, either.  I ate it raw.  Ok, now you can start with the onslaught of negative comments. Continue reading


Number 10: Baba Ghanoush

3 Jan

As far as I know, I have never tried baba ghanoush.  Hummus is my Middle-Eastern dip of choice, and I buy a tub of the stuff each and every week.  Last week, when I went to the grocery store, I saw a tub of baba ghanoush sitting amongst the hummuses (hummi?) (hummus?)  While I was super tempted to buy it, try it, and call it a day, I figured it’s time I stop taking the easy way out and make it from scratch.  Once I found a recipe, I realized that making it from scratch wouldn’t be too difficult, after all.
Continue reading

Number 64: Currywurst

13 Dec

The Chicago German Christmas Market (called the Christkindlmarket) has been up and running in Dailey Plaza for a few weeks now, and this weekend, Dan and I finally got down there for a couple of hours.  And, by the looks of it, the entire rest of the city of Chicago were there, too. Continue reading