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Number 84: Tasting Menu at a Three-Star Michelin Restaurant (Pt 2) and Number 17: Black Truffle

5 Apr

If you missed out on part one of my dinner at Alinea,
click here to catch up.  Otherwise, let’s get back into this!  I left off with course #8, which had Amy and me drinking beet juice out of a giant block of ice.  Bizarre.  Tasty, but bizarre. Continue reading


Number 66: Frogs’ Legs

21 Dec

As much as I pride myself on being an adventurous eater, when you prepare a weird food yourself (instead of ordering it at a restaurant), it’s much easier to be grossed out.  That was almost the case in this situation. When I found frozen frogs’ legs at a local grocery store, I knew that cooking them myself would be much cheaper than heading to a fine French restaurant, so I took some home.  They sat in my freezer for weeks until today, when I finally mustered up the courage to make them.
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